Monica:Chandler! Why, all of a sudden, do you wanna play strip poker?
Chandler:I think because of margaritas three, four, and nine.

Phoebe:(singing) There'll be times when you get older
when you'll want to sleep with people
just to make them like you. . .
But don't!
Cause that's another thing that you don't wanna do, everybody
That's another thing that you don't wanna do.
Chandler:Very informative!
Rachel:Not at all inappropriate!

Chandler:Who says you can’t get a nice punch bowl for under six bucks? Maybe we can take it back?
Monica:No, it doesn’t say where it came from. Where would we return it?
Chandler:How about to the street, say, from the balcony?

Chandler:Why would Monica be keeping Richard in here?
Joey:Well off the top of my head uhh, maybe she’s having her cake and eating it too. You being the cake and Richard being the too.